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Official Bands (Red)

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Our Red "Mini" Official Band is hands down the most versatile band on the market!

This band is great shoulder warm-up/ mobility and rehab.

Face pulls-

Band Pull-aparts

Banded over head squats.

Push ups.

Upper body stretching and mobility 

The Mini is also Great for assisting pull ups





Official youth development groups are intended for kids ages 10-14. In this program, your child will learn the fundamentals of athletic movement, and what it takes to become a successful athlete.

Sessions: Tuesday, Thursday

2:00 pm




At this age, it is important that your developing athlete learns the correct movement patterns required to be a successful athlete. Starting from the bottom, we will assess the athletes "movement" patterns by correcting and tweaking form for injury prevention and maximal performance. 


Key Fundamentals: 

• Proper Movement Mechanics (walking, running, exercises, etc)
• Speed
• Agility
• Strength
• Power
• Muscular Endurance
• Injury Prevention
• Muscle Recovery
• Core Stability


All Athletes Welcome NO MATTER THE SPORT


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