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We have created customized workouts catered to the needs and goals for athletes and those just looking to get into shape 

What do I get when I sign up?

Full 3 month program with weekly check-ins, diet guideline.

* We currently do not offer food yet but we do have great recommendations for food prep! 

Our package options are: 

  • Athlete Diet

Cade Cowdin and his team provide the best formula for success, very encouraging and motivate me to reach my goals to be a healthier person. I’m doing the online training with Cade from California and it is very beneficial to me. He’s always checking up making sure I’m doing the right thing. No judgement on personal health or shape or size, Cade was just ready to get to work to help reach my goals and is always there when you need him .
Matt A., Indio, CA


Official youth development groups are intended for kids ages 10-14. In this program, your child will learn the fundamentals of athletic movement, and what it takes to become a successful athlete.

Sessions: Tuesday, Thursday

2:00 pm




At this age, it is important that your developing athlete learns the correct movement patterns required to be a successful athlete. Starting from the bottom, we will assess the athletes "movement" patterns by correcting and tweaking form for injury prevention and maximal performance. 


Key Fundamentals: 

• Proper Movement Mechanics (walking, running, exercises, etc)
• Speed
• Agility
• Strength
• Power
• Muscular Endurance
• Injury Prevention
• Muscle Recovery
• Core Stability


All Athletes Welcome NO MATTER THE SPORT